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Is it worth it? Loving is investing, giving, receiving, risking… Is it worth it when you may not get to have the person you love in your life for good?

God has blessed me time and time again with a special friend, a mentor, a confidant, a fun & crazy partner in crime and then for some reason they leave, move away, or we part ways on this path. For instance, getting really close to someone, just starting to feel that wonderful closeness where they know you, you know them, and you like each other anyway. You feel comfortable with them, even when there’s nothing to say. You know they would be there no matter what and you can trust them.

nicecolourorigamirainwaterboat-50684c940f0d2264bb02f3f84ddf4319_h1In a way all of the people in my life are like a bunch of paper ships being set out on a creek. They float downstream together but then at times one or two may veer off and fall behind or even take a different course altogether. It’s just the way it is. Life is like a creek in that way. People come into our lives but they usually don’t stay there forever. Sometimes they “fall behind” as I keep floating along or the other way around and I’m watching them sail away from me into another future than mine. So…is it really worth investing in people and relationships when you know they’ll probably have to go sometime?

Recently I learned that two more dear friends of mine are going to be heading off in a different direction. As I mulled over the news on my way home from work I bemoaned the situation to God. Why? We are close and know each other well. Just when we’d gotten so comfortable with each other – like family – now they have to leave? I felt like God asked me, “Would you rather not have met them at all? Would you rather have missed out on knowing them – loving them?” “No,” I sulked. I get the point.

Love is worth it. My life is richer because of them. No matter the length of time that I get to sail along with someone, the time together is worth the risk, the investment and even the sadness when they sail on without me or I have to leave them behind.

So love.