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confirm-rebootHas your computer ever crashed? Have you ever had to completely format the hard drive and re-install everything, starting over? I’ve been through this ingratiating process a few times and while it’s aggravating enough to pull some hair and can be a big pain if you lose files or data, it is nice to have a fresh start. When the disk has been completely wiped clean and loaded up anew with the programs it runs so much better and more quickly. There aren’t all those downloaded, uploaded, accumulated files and programs that piled up over the last year or so. All the temp files that were dragging the system down are gone. Any spam or spy ware – gone! It’s clean and zippy – ready to go. You can almost hear your computer sigh a happy “ahhhhh.”

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could format our brains or our past? Wouldn’t it be great to wipe clean hurtful memories, words or events that left permanent damage, worries, fears, useless information, low self-image and “stuff” erased and a nice, sparkly clean mind left to start over?

We’re going to have an art festival at our church for Easter, in which we’re asking people to express what Easter means to them in some art form. Maybe I should take a picture of a computer to show how Jesus enables us to format our hearts and lives and start over – reboot. He forgives sin that’s been lingering in the background dragging us down, cleans up filth that has accumulated over years of living in a tainted world and making not-so-great choices, He actually eliminates the old drive and gives us a completely new one. He even guarantees his work, promising that if He has done the formatting, we will never die. We won’t ever have to be bogged down by sin again. We can be new in Him for good!

In fact, the Bible says that God’s mercy is new every morning (Lamentations 3:23), so in a way, if you are following Jesus, you get a restart every day when you wake up. Clean slate, clean start!

In the computer world, it only takes a week or two it seems for something to become passe – obsolete. Technology improves and changes with such speed that if you don’t keep up and make changes along with the flow you fall behind and soon can’t even use the newer software or products because you’re equipment is too old.

Similarly, if you don’t ask Jesus to format your heart, forgive you and make you new you will fall behind and ultimately be lost forever. This life is going to pass away and in order to keep up with Jesus, we’ve got to let him continually upgrade us, cleanse us, and renew us until the day when all those who believe in Him and have chosen Him will be formatted for the final time and live forever – never to worry about a glitch, virus or crash again. I’ll take that deal. Re-format, please!