I’m sitting in my sister’s kitchen messing around on the computer while she makes some chicken salad for our dinner later.  I was able to fly out here to Arizona on a buddy pass to see her.  It’s sunny and warm, breezy and quiet here at her house.  One of our favorite things to do is sit on her brick patio, listen to the wind rustle through palm tree branches and soak up the southwestern sunlight.  Ahhhhh.  What is it about sunlight that is so healing and refreshing?

Just being here with no responsibilities and no requirements is healing, too.  It’s like sunlight on my heart.  After laughing and watching TV with my 14-year-old nephew, then sitting in a hot bath a while just staring absentmindedly at my toes, I slept heavily and soundly.  This morning my sis and I went to have a bagel and visit, sitting outdoors in the sun and sharing our hearts with one another.

The unconditional love of someone who knows me well and doesn’t judge is sunlight to me, the joy of having a break from expectations and responsibilities is definitely sunlight filtering in through to my soul.  Like removing heavy musty drapes and throwing wide a window to let in fresh air and light, I feel the nourishing, comforting hand of God holding me and allowing me to take this break, to recharge, to pause and just “be”.