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race-teamI was privileged to walk in the Komen Race for the Cure this past Saturday with one of my daughters and four friends.  What a great day!  Here are some things I loved about that day:

I love the energy created by a huge group of people gathered for a good cause.

I love the openness people feel when some barriers have been knocked down by common ground of suffering, disease, or struggle.  Complete strangers hugged me.  I felt I was friends with everyone there.

I love the optimism and joy that seems to radiate from everyone there – buoyed up by the notion that we can beat this!  We can make a difference.

I love my friends and my daughter for giving up a Saturday morning to walk with me and the other 42,000 people.

3233_86088558893_660523893_2475881_3308313_nI love the contagious sense of excitement as we made our way through the course set out for us.  At one point someone started the wave way up front and it traveled all the way through the throng to the back as we all shouted and cheered.

I love God for giving me another chance and sparing my life.

I love sunshine – it was a beautiful morning.

I love volunteers.  I was inspired by the amazing number of people that pulled it off – many of whom just volunteered.

It was a great reminder that a lot of good can be accomplished when many catch a vision.  It was a somber reminder that not everyone survives breast cancer and those of us who have need to be always grateful.  It was a great day!