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Today I met Jesus for lunch.  I had no plans and was thinking of what to do when I heard him suggest it to my heart.  I gladly went to one of my favorite nearby eateries and sat down, imagining Him seated across from me.  I sat quietly and prayed silently, “Here I am.  I’m just going to be quiet so you can talk today.”  I could almost see him smile at me.  I smiled to myself and waited some more.  He just kept smiling.  I felt such peace and contentment.  I thought about lunch yesterday, how I had met two girlfriends and how much fun it was to visit with them.  We didn’t need to talk about church stuff or conflict or issues, we just wanted to be together and it was wonderful.  As I thought about that, I heard Jesus say, “That’s how I feel.  I’m just glad you wanted to be with me.  I have no agenda today.  I just want to spend time with you.”  The love in His words overwhelmed me.  What freedom!  “You mean sometimes we can just be – I don’t need to pray anything.  I can just sit here and enjoy You being here?”   Jesus smiled again.    Thinking about it now still moves me.  How many times do I come to Him with a long list of prayer requests or guilt over the fact that I haven’t actually said the names of everyone on my list out loud so he can answer my prayers?   How often do I feel He has a big agenda for our times together, that it’s always going to be a time to discipline me or train me?

Could it really be okay to just sit in his arms or across a table from Him and let Him love me?   I long for that.    I get the feeling He does, too.

Once my hubby and I made lunch plans with another couple in town.  We wanted to get to know them.  They served in ministry, too, so we thought it would be a great friendship with people we could relate to – friends who could support and encourage one another.   We had lunch and chatted with them over our food.   They had once attended the church where we were pastoring so they knew history about it that we were unaware of, at least until that day.  Once we were done eating, our new friend said “I’m not sure what agenda you guys had for meeting together but we can talk about…” and he proceeded to share some stuff with us about what had happened at our church before we came, etc.  After we talked about that for a little while we had to wrap things up and get back to work.

Although I was glad to hear some of the information he shared with us – it was helpful – I was sad because we had no agenda going into that lunch aside from wanting to get to know him and his wife and gain friendship.  I think it just wasn’t meant to be the way we imagined or hoped.

42-18581760It is reassuring to me to know that Jesus doesn’t always have an agenda for us when we come to Him.  We need to remember that and come to him often with no agenda – to just be with Him because we love Him, because we want to know Him more and be His close friend.  If He came to earth, somehow limiting his amazing vast self into a tiny human body and then willingly went through the torture of betrayal and crucifixion just so you could have relationship with Him again, don’t you think He wants, more than anything, to just be with you?

We were created to be with God, to know Him, to spend time with Him, to love Him, to worship Him.    Love Him, love others….with no agenda.

[Jesus said] I have loved you even as the Father has loved me. Remain in my love. John 15:9  NLT

Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are? Matthew 6:26  NLT

You, LORD, are my shepherd.  I will never be in need.  You let me rest in fields of green grass.  You lead me to streams of peaceful water, and you refresh my life. Psalm 23:1-3  CEV