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Last night I dreamed I was at some meeting or seminar with my boss and his wife, Cindy. Each morning of this seemingly week-long meeting, my grandmother (who died over a year and a half ago) came to see me, gave me a hug, said some encouraging cheerful words and left. On the last day of the meeting (somehow I knew this in my dream) I realized it was also the last time she was coming to see me. I sat with my boss and his wife at a table, feeling a lump grow in my throat. Cindy asked me, “You’re going to really miss her aren’t you?” I began to cry, not able to hold it back anymore. I awoke and was actually crying a little on my pillow.

I do miss my Grandma. It’s funny how weeks will go by and I won’t think about it much, but then out of the blue a memory of her will surface or an odd, wonderful dream like this one and the pain of her not being there anymore bobs to the surface.

What will my daughters and hopefully grandchildren remember about me someday when I’m gone, not coming to see them anymore?

The first things that pop into my mind when I think of Grandma are her joy for life, her love for Jesus and openness in talking about him to anyone and everyone, her cheerfulness and often humorous enthusiasm, her smile, her loving pet names for us like “dolly”, and her faithful, tenacious love. I knew she was behind me 200% no matter what. She made sure of that.

So it doesn’t surprise me that she’d make a cameo appearance in one of my dreams to remind me how much she loves me. I look forward to the day when I’ll get to hug her again, kiss her soft cheek and see those twinkling Norwegian blue eyes. I won’t have to miss her anymore.