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kimmiToday my first-born is going to walk across her high school gymnasium’s platform and accept her diploma. She is passing a milestone in her life and we get to watch her do it! I’ll watch with pride but I’m also feeling disbelief that we’re actually at this stage of life, curiosity about how our family dynamics will change now that we’re moving slowly out of the Klotzfive at home scene, sadness that she’ll be increasingly on her own and less a part of my daily life, and thankfulness for her bright mind and healthy body – that God has brought her this far and blessed her.

As I look back in my mind over Kimmi’s life I remember when she was so eager to read and write that she copied words from toys and books onto a little notebook we gave her. We found it one day with lots of scribbling but then very leglibly on one line the words “Made in China.”

She embraced school, reading, art, music, projects, friends, class plays, physical fitness tests and field days, and the whole sha-bang with joy.

I think it’s a natural tendency to compare our kids to ourselves when we were their age, but I’ve seen in Kimmi so many beautiful differences from when I was in school. She’s developed a real love for literature, especially Shakespeare. Rather than being saturated with music classes like I was, her loves have been reading, art, tennis, writing and most recently photography.

I’m not sure how I’ll react tonight at the graduation ceremony. I don’t know if I’ll get teary-eyed or just try to stay in my seat with an adrenaline rush of excitement at her accomplishment and bright future. There will be lots of video and picture taking, that’s for sure. To top it off her sister will be following right behind next year, barely giving John and I a breather from this life-changing phase we’re in.

Here’s to you, Kimmi, Kimba, Kimbalina, Kimberly-girl: We’re so proud of you and know God has some beautiful plans for your life! We let go, we trust you, we trust God to take care of you and guide you. We will always be here for you and will ALWAYS cover you in prayer. Congratulations, Kimberly Ellen Klotz! WOO!!