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Kimmi with her new laptop!

Kimmi with her new laptop!

We’re home now from our weekend at Anderson University and Kimmi is officially an AU Raven!  She signed up for classes, got her ID picture taken, met new friends, bought a t-shirt and hasn’t stopped smiling since we left the campus.   I got to see several friends of mine that I’ve known since I was in college who work on campus as faculty and that was fun.  There are a lot of good people there – that makes me even more confident in sending my girls into their care for a few years.   During the parent session this morning the admissions staff had each of us tell our name, where we’re from, the name of our child, their major and what made them choose AU.

The overwhelming majority said their student felt welcomed when coming to campus, felt special, received individual special attention from the admissions staff and friendliness from current students.  It just goes to show that a warm, welcoming environment and intentionally making others feel like they really matter goes a long way.  I’m proud to be a Raven alum.  I kinda wish I could do college again – 4 of the best years of my life!

One of the presenters told the kids that over their high school years they grew a lot physically and changed a lot in that way, but that during the next four years they will change so much on the inside.  How true and how beautiful!  It will be exciting to watch the unfolding of Kimmi’s future and the shaping God does in her heart and life.

I came home to our downstairs full of stuff from our upstairs – what a mess!  We are fighting off some bedbugs.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit it but it’s true.  I guess they can show up anywhere these days but it always makes me think of people who live in squallor.  We don’t, I promise!  We did have to throw away two boxsprings, are washing and drying all bedding and clothes from the rooms where they were found, and super cleaning the floors.  I wonder why God even created bed bugs!  Seriously.  What purpose can they serve?  They bite us to get our blood, they don’t help anyone, they’re not even cute.   One good thing coming out of this mess for us is the super cleaning our apartment is getting as a result.  An exterminator came and steamed everything, which is apparently one of the only things that will kill the little pests.  I know we’re supposed to thank God for EVERYTHING so I told him the other day “thank you for bed bugs.”  Did He say we have to be sincere when we thank him for the not so lovely things in life?

All in all – we still are so blessed with more than we need.  Today we have had enough of everything and we always have God.  Hopefully we will have no more bedbugs!