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rockyWe made it to Syracuse in one piece.  Our pets, who we had to bring along, seem sane at the moment.  The girls – not so much.  Just kidding!  There was a lot of napping going on in the van so we’re feeling rested and ready to have fun.  It’s a beautiful sunny evening – maybe a walk is in order after grilled out hamburgers and NY hot dogs, aka “coonies”.

We let Kimmi drive the last two hours of the trip.  It’s great to have someone else to help – especially with an 11-hour trip.  Oddest moment in my day:  an older, skinny, shirtless guy with a few teeth missing telling me how to save money travelling with pets.  Obviously you can request a “service dog” vest and paper from the govt. and then fly free with your dog,  stay in any hotel with it, etc.,  fooling the masses.  Best $65 he spent.  How about that?  I kicked myself once back in our van for not at least saying, “But that’s not really honest…”   He was quite the rest area socialite, chatting up lots of folks before hopping into his old RV with blue dolphins painted on the sides.  I love people – never a dull moment!

I better go for now – we’re trying to be as unplugged as possible.  I just thought it would be fun to document our trip.