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lakesideWe woke to a beautiful, sunny day and once everyone got dressed and had some of Grandma’s eggs and sausage, we headed to the nearby lake to take a walk/jog.   I’m coveting this lake and the walking path right along the edge for several miles.  It was so pleasant to walk and jog along the twisting path underneath big shade trees, with the lake breeze blowing.  Ahhhh.

The girls and I went to Chili’s for lunch then Target and Barnes & Noble, before coming back to the house.  We all had yummy grilled chicken and pasta salad for dinner and then watched “The Knowing” with Nicholas Cage.  It’s a very interesting, albeit weird, movie.  I liked it – very thought provoking in parts.   Is our existence something that was planned or just a result of a string of amazingly coincidental cosmic accidents?   What would I do if I knew the end of my life was supposed to happen on a certain day in the near future?   Would that change the way I live?  Most definitely.  The truth is, we are all on the path to death (in our human bodies) and none of us know when.  The cliche of always living as if it were your last day kept coming to mind while we watched.  That’s actually not a bad idea!  The movie didn’t meet the “Mimi’s happy ending” preference, but I think it was worth watching.

It was fun to have a day when we could just do as we pleased.  That’s true vacation in my book – not a lot of plans, just time to “be”.  It’s actually been freeing to not have our phones or facebook.  I feel like we’re all present more in the time together and conversation here.  It’s peaceful.  It was a little crazy when the girls and I were out and we had no cell phone.  I thought, “What if we get turned around or lost?”  But then I realized I could go old school and use a pay phone or ask someone for directions.   You know, I existed happily before I had my cell phone, I just forgot what it was like.

I think it’s time to go sit somewhere and read.  Ahhhhh….