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Saturday morning I woke to a sunny sky with big clouds and was optimistic about the rest of the day since it was the day for the big 50th anniversary party.  The house was quiet with sleepyheads sleeping in, so John’s dad and I went to the lake path again.  We walked and talked, then I jogged for a while, then we walked back to the car.  It was nice.  A breeze had started to blow and the sky was getting a little grayer.

There was a little time to sit and read, watch a TV with the girls, and just relax before getting ready for the party.  We got dressed and “snazzy” and headed out to the Elks lodge to celebrate John’s parents’ marriage for 50 years!  Many friends and relatives joined us, in spite of a torrential downpour on the way there.  It was fun to watch them all reconnect, talk and laugh together.  Some of those Polish peeps can get really loud!  I know some of them, as well, so got to catch up a little.  We took lots of pictures and video, had some 5731_118891228893_660523893_3046650_7394089_nyummy food for dinner including tortellini, meatballs and homemade kielbasa (polish sausage), enjoyed watching John lead his parents through the renewing of their wedding vows, and had some delicious wedding cake before cleaning up and going home.  What a beautiful thing to see two people who have not had a perfect marriage (there is none, I believe) but decided they were committed to staying together through it all – good and bad.  There love is so obvious.  It was wonderful for John to get to be part of their recommitment to one another.  His mom’s parents are both living so her dad got to walk her “down the aisle” as we all hummed the wedding march.  So special and fun.

We were all pretty tired when we got home but had enough energy to watch the movie “Willow” and flake out on the couches in our jammies.  I was playing a game on the Nintendo DS we brought along when Kristine  chastised me, “Mom, you’re not being present with your family.  That’s just as bad as texting.”  I scowled at her playfully, but then realized she was right, so I turned it off.  I’ll take that from her.  I need to be reminded as much as anyone else.   Special people, special reason to celebrate, special day.