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This morning I forced myself out of bed when the alarm clock sounded.   I planned to get up and jog to start the day but felt like doing anything but jogging.  As I groggily walked to the dresser to get my stuff I argued with myself, telling myself I would feel great when I was done and just to keep moving.    I walked out into a cool, still-dark morning and when I rounded the two-story townhouse building where we live I looked up and saw a deep blue sky not yet faded by dawn, a bright white sliver of a crescent moon with a few twinkling, very bright stars nearby.  How beautiful!  I started off walking, turned on the iPod, started to jog and before you know it I realized I was right:  I felt great!

My middle daughter has been working hard this summer at a nearby grocery and saving just about every dollar toward a used car.  She should get her license this Friday, if she passes the driving test of course.  She has had her heart set on a Geo Tracker as her vehicle of choice and has been looking them up on the Internet, seeing them around town, etc.   When Kaitlin sets her sights or heart on something she has laser focus.  (If only I could get her to set her heart on a 4.0 GPA).  We told her to keep an open mind because it may not be a Tracker that God sends her way but an equally good, reliable other used car.  Well this weekend a church friend called to say one of his relatives is selling a 1997 Geo Tracker wit a soft top (convertible!) – only 70,000 miles, one owner and it’s going for $1200.  Kaitlin just has $1200 in her savings!  We are driving to meet this lovely older couple this evening and hopefully pick up said car and bring it home for my jubilant middle child.  I thought I heard God tease me, too, saying “What’s the matter with childlike faith and her being specific?  I’m having fun giving this to Kaitlin.”

What a beautiful day today!  This summer has been unseasonably cool so any sunny, warmer day is good in my book!  Fall will come soon enough – I’m game for actual hot weather.  I won’t even complain if it’s humid and sticky once in a while.  I want to be hot and feel like jumping in a pool.  Then I’ll feel like summer really happened.

A friend posted a video on facebook of a convicting message by a preacher named Paul Washer.  I’ve heard him before.  He is a passionate believer and never minces words about what it means to really follow Christ.  This message is apparently about being lukewarm and not really longing for God or the things of God.  For some reason I’ve put off watching it.  Maybe because I know it will convict me.  Probably should just face the music and ask God to do some more heart surgery on me.

My youngest is at camp this week.  She’s been counting down the days for weeks and I’m so happy for her.  I’m praying it will be an awesome week of having fun with friends but also learning more about Jesus and getting closer to Him.   As I dropped her off this morning (a friend was willing to drive 5 teen girls down – what a saint) we tossed her belongings in the back of the van.  Since we were the last to arrive, they were ready to hit the road so the girls all hopped into the van.  I walked back to my van thinking “Hey, I didn’t hug her.”  I pouted to myself for about 5 seconds and then heard a “ding dong” and saw a text message come up on my cell phone.  It was Krissy.  She said, “Hey Mom!  I’m going to miss you.  *air hug*”  That made my day.