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How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!   I John 3:1

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be the glory forever!  Romans 11:36

The eyes of all look to you in hope; You give them their food as they need it.  When you open Your hand, You satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.  The Lord is righteous in everything he does; He is filled with kindness.  Psalm 145:15-17

5771_121925058893_660523893_3105179_7880955_nWe drove out to Crawfordsville to the home of a sweet older couple selling a used Geo Tracker, the car of my middle daughter’s dreams.  Did I mention that she was hoping for a teal-colored Geo Tracker, to be specific?   We had heard that the car was blue with a white roof but were happily surprised to drive around the corner, arriving at the couple’s house, to see that the car is actually teal!  Kaitlin practically jumped out of the van before I could park.  She was ecstatic.  We drove it around the neighborhood and she was sold.  Let’s face it, she was sold before we even took the test drive.  It’s in great condition and works well so we agreed to buy.  Actually, Kaitlin agreed to buy since it was her hard-earned summer job money we were using!

They invited us inside their home to sign papers and were delightful people, so warm and friendly.  The husband kept telling Kaitlin how God works in wonderful ways and she readily agreed with a big smile on her face.  Before we walked back outside to head home, he stopped us and said, “Let’s thank God.”  He prayed for us, prayed thanking God for all His blessings, prayed that 5771_121925068893_660523893_3105180_1665927_nwe would all serve God with our whole hearts and live for him.  What a special moment!   I’m thankful for these beautiful people and the example of Christlike-ness they showed my girls.

I got to drive the car home because Kaitlin hasn’t learned how to drive a stick-shift yet.  It was fun.  I could practically feel the glow coming from her side of the car she was so happy.  That made my heart happy!

I told her, “You know, I’ve been thinking…this whole experience is a way of God showing his love for you, sweetie.  He didn’t have to help you find the exact model you asked for but He did and even threw in the color you wanted!”  I can just picture God, our heavenly Father, crouching to us as his child, much like an earthly parent, grinning in expectation as he reveals something we’ve asked for.  If you’re a parent, you know how much fun it is to give something to your child that they’ve been wishing or longing for.  “Look, honey!  Not only did we get you a bicycle, we got the mountain bike you saw at the store and we got the red one, just like you wanted!”  I remember the joyful anticipation my family and I felt as we waited downstairs one day, ready to surprise our youngest with her first drum set.  Her reaction was worth every penny we saved and spent to get it:  tears of happiness and hugs.

Now it doesn’t always work this way.  There are many times we can’t get something our child is wanting, or it’s not good for them to have, or not necessary.  It’s not always going to happen for us with God either and isn’t always good for us.  Our true gratitude might possibly be replaced with expectations and maybe even greediness after a while.  Once in a while, however, I think God delights in surprising us in this way, out of his love for us as his kids.  “Look, my child!  I helped you get the job you wanted, and I’m throwing in a location near your family” or “I’m surprising you and sending you a bonus through one of my other generous children to help you” or “I helped you find that house you dream of with a big front porch, just because I love you”.

5771_121925073893_660523893_3105181_3168554_nIt was a joy for me to witness Kaitlin standing at the receiving end of God’s lavish love last night.   I pray that as she continues to grow and walk with Him, her heart’s desires will align with His and she’ll always know how He delights in loving her.  I hope you know that, too.