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In staff meeting today my boss gave me a great mind picture of what it is like for us to live in tune with God’s Spirit.  He likened the promptings and guidance the Holy Spirit gives us to a spell check on the computer.  I imagined as I’m going through my day, my mind rolling through thoughts and words, if I pay attention I just might see the little red squiggly line in my mind under something that needs correcting…hopefully before I  speak or act.

Jesus told his disciples when he was about to physically leave the earth that he wouldn’t abandon them but send His Spirit to be with them.  He said, “The Spirit will teach you everything and will remind you of what I said while I was with you.”   (John 14:26  CEV)

spell-check2I know when I’ve turned in projects or worked on something important on a job, something that would be printed and sent to hundreds of people, I was glad to let the spell-check correct me.  It was a handy little helper.   The Holy Spirit is so much more than that, filling so many roles in my life:  counselor, advocate, intercessor, helper, companion.  I guess I need to pay better attention to Him as teacher/reminder so I’ll catch those helpful “red lines” from God, keeping me on track and in check, especially since I’m representing him to everyone with whom I talk or interact.   If I remember He’s living in my heart and mind all the time and I don’t have to click on “Holy Spirit check”, there will be a lot fewer verbal and behavioral typos.

Holy Spirit, keep me in check.  You know my thoughts and words before I think or speak.  Make me aware of your correcting and give me the grace to accept it.

“Let my words and my thoughts be pleasing to you, LORD…”   Psalm 139:14  CEV