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I had some nice time with just Kimmi this past weekend and was glad.  I’m still bracing myself for the adjustment to her being away from home and “klotzfive” changing to “klotzfour” for a while at home.  All weekend I found myself sighing and thinking things like, “oh, this is her last Sunday singing on worship team at church for a while”, “this is her last weekend at home”, “look at her room empty and all packed up”, etc.  Then I could just imagine her thinking those same thoughts but with a different perspective:  “Yes!  My last weekend at home for a while,” “Room packed up and ready to go – yes!”  I keep trying to remember how I felt at her age and when I was about to go to college at AU.  I had no sad thoughts, only excitement for getting out on my own.  My parents lived in Anderson so it wasn’t a long distance, sad departure for me.  I was ready and glad!

Two more days…I think with mixed emotions, quietly
Two more days!!  Kimmi must be thinking with a big smile on her face