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My friend, JJ, and I sat in Bible study together a few nights ago during which we discussed the woman at the well (hence my earlier post after more thought and reflection).  When we were asked if we’d ever felt like the outcast I leaned over to her and whispered, “7th grade afro year.  Oh yeah.”  We laughed, then I said, “I would go to the cafeteria after the cool kids left and Jesus was sitting there one day.”  Then JJ said, “Did he ask you for some of your tater tots and then say, ‘If you knew who was asking you you’d ask Him for the everlasting tater tots…’ ” to which I tried to stifle a laugh and almost snorted.  Why is it when you’re not supposed to laugh it’s so hard not to?  It made my day.

Sometimes it helps me to think of the stories in the Bible in modern-day terms.  Sometimes not.  🙂