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I recently started following one of my Olympic heroes Apolo Ohno on Twitter.  He’s fun to follow because he “tweets” all the time, is really positive and enthusiastic.  He seems like he’d be fun to be friends with.  Tonight he tweeted the name of the snowboard race gold medal winner (an American) with excitement.  A moment later he tweeted an apology for giving away that info – he forgot that he is three hours ahead of most of the country and had spoiled it for some of us who hadn’t even seen that race yet!  A few minutes later John and I watched the qualifying round and saw the winner make the finals.  We laughed and remarked, “We already know he’s going to win!”

It’s almost more fun to watch now knowing what the outcome will be – and that it’s one of our USA boys.  I bet he’d love to know that ahead of time!

How would we face the trials and events of our lives if we knew already that we were going to be the victors?  If we knew that ultimately we wouldn’t fail?  I think I would throw myself into it everything more fully, wildly and with abandon.  I know I’m going to win so what’s to lose?  Nothing!  Go for it!

Those of us who follow Jesus would do well to remember that He’s already determined the outcome of this amazing race of life here on earth for his team:  we win.  In a way, Jesus “tweeted” the outcome to us long ago, giving away the beautiful “just what we hope and dream for” ending: living on and on forever with Him in peace.  When we get to the finish line with Jesus, we won’t have to fight the battle against ourselves anymore, won’t have to feel shame at mistakes anymore, won’t have to be afraid of elimination or falling short ever again.   No matter what bobbles I make, close calls, stumbles and errors – I accepted the hand Jesus offered me and joined him so I already know what’s going to happen.  That’s one spoiler I don’t mind hearing about!