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Kelly Clark, US snowboarder who won the bronze medal the other night in the half pipe, stood at the top waiting for her name to be called.  In the dark of Whistler mountain night time, the half pipe venue shone bright white.  It was Kelly’s turn for her second run, her last chance to do well enough to earn a medal in the 2010 Olympics.  I’d be so nervous.  There must be lots of pressure on the athletes as they listen to the crowd cheering, the announcer talking about them, see the bright lights and sea of faces and eyes watching their every move.  They’ve been training for years for this one moment in time.  Kelly didn’t really seem to be paying attention to any of that because she had her ipod turned on, her ear buds in her ears and she was singing.  It cracked me up!  She didn’t seem to care at all that the cameras were filming her.  She never looked up at them.  I don’t know what the song was but she looked straight ahead at the half pipe, singing loudly along as she waited for the go ahead.  It was especially funny to me because no one else could hear the music, all we could hear was her lone voice.  I did hear a few of the words she sang, “You.. shall.. love.. me”, as she took off down the hill and completed a fantastic run, seemingly confident and at ease.

If only I could be as focused on God’s voice in my ears and heart and not get distracted by the noise around me, or even worse, the voice of the enemy.  If only I could be as confident in myself because I had trained, I had worked hard, I had prepared, and I was ready for the task at hand….whatever it may be.  I love that Kelly sings before she performs. I love that she didn’t care to hear her name being blasted over the loud speakers or the crowds cheering for her.  The music helped her focus and get pumped up and that was good enough for her.  It didn’t matter that no one else could hear it.

Jesus said He’s the Good Shepherd and that his sheep know His voice.  I know His voice, but want to hear it so clearly it’s as if I have ear buds in my woolly sheep ears and nothing else fills my mind but the melodic, pure sound of His words and songs.  I don’t think there would be any flips or high flying twists, but I would follow Him closely with laser focus and sing.  If I do, I know I’ll finish well….just like Kelly.

Addendum:  Someone let me know the song that Kelly was listening to!  It’s beautiful – you can hear it below: