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Today in church we heard a message about emptiness and finding true fulfillment, something that really fills the emptiness we often feel inside.  So many times I’ve tried to fill my heart with other things but they aren’t lasting.  Kind of like the foamy fizz on top of a fountain soda, it fills the cup to the brim for a minute or so but soon goes away leaving lots of empty space.

I realize that I expected facebook to help fill the loneliness I’ve been feeling.  It helps a little but I have to admit that facebook is mostly fizz.  Connections there are on the surface and not the same as when we connect face to face or voice to voice.  I feel so much more connected to someone if we talk on the phone or in person, if I can actually be with them and see their face (not just a photo and status), can hear their laughter and voice, and feel their hugs.  (I still like facebook just realizing it can’t really fill me up)

Today we met some friends for lunch and while we waited for them to arrive, a whole gang of other friends from our old church showed up.  My girls and I practically ran to the door to give them hugs and greet them – it made my day!  How fun to see their smiling faces and hug their necks.  Time with friends filled my heart again today.  Since we don’t just automatically see everyone at church every week we have to be more purposeful about getting together.   When I see them I realize how much I’ve missed them.

Jesus can fill the empty space nothing else can really fill, but it will require something of me.  We heard the stories today of the rich young ruler and Zaccheus, both seeking fulfillment and purpose, both needed to make a decision to really receive it.  The rich young ruler decided that selling his stuff to give away and then following Jesus was just too difficult so he walked away.  I guess He chose “not really filled” over being truthfully filled with peace and all Jesus had to offer.  The Bible says he walked away sad.  Well, yeah!  Zaccheus on the other hand, decided to right the wrongs he had done and pay back extra to those he had wronged.  He was willing to do whatever it took to fill the emptiness deceit and greed had left in him with forgiveness and peace from Jesus.  It was worth it!  I think Jesus requires me to make choices, too, in order to be truly fulfilled in my heart.  One of those is going to Him first instead of the computer, texting, or twitter to get connected somehow.  It’s not enough to know about Him or talk about Him, I need to spend time with Him.  He said he’s the one who has living water for us that never leaves us thirsty.  It’s not going to be anywhere else.  If I go to the Bible for “snacks” and nourishment throughout the day I know I’ll stay full longer.

I’m a huge fan of technology but it can’t take the place of person to person relating, and nothing/no one, not even a best friend, can take the place of Jesus and His Word in my heart to really keep me filled up.  Fizz just isn’t gonna cut it.