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I feel so badly for Toyota these days. What an expense they’re paying for all the repairs they have to make on recalled vehicles. So many models had to be recalled for defects and problems. It could potentially put them under, I suppose, especially if people lose faith in their long-standing reputation for safety and reliability.

If the customers ignore the recall it could have serious repercussions for them. You know, an acceleration pedal that sticks isn’t exactly safe – could be exciting but definitely not safe.  We have some friends who owned a truck that had been recalled due to something in the ignition. They hadn’t yet taken it in for repairs and one day the defective part caused a spark that caused a fire and burned down their home! Thankfully no one was hurt.

It hasn’t been on the news lately, but there is a recall on the human race.  Because of sin, we’re born defective and need God to repair us, to fix the brokenness with His forgiveness. If we ignore the recall there will definitely be serious repercussions, now and forever. Some people haven’t yet heard about the recall so they are unknowingly going about life in a dangerous state. If they don’t hear in time it could cost them their lives…in the truest sense of the word.

The Toyota vehicles can’t fix themselves and the owners can’t really fix them. They have to be returned to the original manufacturer who has the original parts, technology, and know-how to really make things right.

Our original manufacturer is the only one who can really fix us and put us in the best operating condition. It probably won’t be a one-time repair – but thankfully He’s available 24/7 and is more than willing to look us over time and time again. One day there will be a final recall.  It will be the last one but a beautiful one: life forever with God with bodies and souls that won’t need repairs anymore.

He heals the heartbroken
and bandages their wounds….
Our Lord is great, with limitless strength;
we’ll never comprehend what he knows and does.
God puts the fallen on their feet again… Psalm 147:2-4 The Msg