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Have you seen ads for a new show on TV called “Undercover Boss”?  In a reality show format, a boss or CEO of a company suits up in the uniform of his/her employees and works side by side with them.  They won’t know it’s their boss.  I want to see it sometime.  I can imagine a couple of possible outcomes:  one – the employees might get embarrassed or worse, even fired, if the boss sees that they goof around all the time or cheat or some other unethical choices, two – after working in their shoes for a while the boss might gain more compassion, appreciation or respect for them and treat them better afterward, three – boss and employees could have a much better relationship after their worlds intersect more closely for a while and after the boss gains some new perspective.

I saw this bumper sticker once and it made me laugh.  Jesus is coming again someday, true, but He already came and walked with his people, lived side by side, and stood in our shoes.  It’s so hard to comprehend God, who is not limited in any way, who made everything that exists (so He must be bigger than it all), who can be everywhere at once and knows everything, putting skin on and becoming one of us.  It’s almost as if He said, watching people mess up and live broken by sin, “I need to take care of this myself.”  How did He shrink Himself down?  How awkward would that be for Him to be enclosed, to be limited, to be in a body that could be sick or damaged?

He experienced human life first-hand – He wanted to.  The Bible says that Jesus is the perfect high priest, or intercessor, between us and God the Father because He knows what it’s like to be us.  He’s been there.  He can relate.  He didn’t just watch all of us run around like little ants while he sat enthroned high above and shook his head.  He got his hands dirty.  He knew rejection and disappointment, dread, frustration, anger, joy, happiness, love, friendship, communication gaps, being misunderstood, being alone, betrayal, and more.

He said that His Spirit would dwell with us and in us.  God Himself is dwelling in those of us who believe as we walk and live among other people.  He’s undercover everywhere!  That can make you a nervous wreck or comfort you.  I like to think of it as a comfort:  God loves me so much that He walks with me side by side, allowing me to be a part of whatever He’s doing even if I don’t always do it exactly right.  In Matthew 11:28 Jesus said to come to Him when we’re weary and take His yoke because it’s easy compared to the yoke the world has, or the yoke we try to carry all by ourselves.  Our “Boss” or Savior actually puts the yoke around himself right next to us and helps us.  He’s a hands-on, humble, compassionate supervisor.  He knows what it’s like to live and work in this dark and troublesome world.   He wants us to know that we’re not living this life alone.  He’s with us.   I can do my best for a boss like that.