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I saw a news story yesterday about a group of college kids who call themselves the “Atheist Agenda” who set up a table on the campus of UTSA in San Antonio, Texas offering porn to students in exchange for their holy texts.  One of the leaders said it was trading smut for smut.  He said porn is consensual “unlike religious texts that condone lying and using violence against individuals which is the exact opposite of let’s say anything that is peaceful.”  To view the short story click here.

It sounds like he hasn’t read all of the Bible at least and is taking a few instances out of context on which to base his argument – which is ridiculous to me.   And why hand out porn in exchange?  Does porn stand for peace, for something better than what holy texts offer?  That doesn’t make sense.  They were just appealing to an urge and desire as a lure to come away from God.

I don’t understand why some atheists feel it is their obligation to enlighten others to the error of their ways if they believe in God or some other diety, or follow a religion.  Why should they care?  If they don’t believe in God or an afterlife, why would it bother them if someone else believes that way?  Seriously.  At first I thought they were only asking for Bibles in exchange for porn and that led me to think “is this really an opposition to believing in God or an opposition to Jesus?  Why not a Quran?  Or one of the Vedas of Hinduism?  Or the Book of Mormon?”   Is it all to satisfy some need we all seem to have to feel superior to others?  To proclaim that we’re right and they’re wrong?  Do they feel they are doing a civic duty by leading Christians back to reasonable thinking, back away from following the teachings of Christ, back from their foolish lives of faith in things that are often unseen?

If I share my faith with someone, or testify about something God has done for me, it is because I believe it will benefit them in their life and give them hope.  If I knew of a cure for an illness or a medicine that would relieve pain and met someone in great pain or with that illness, I’d want to share what I knew with them to hopefully help them.  If I was walking through a really dark place with some others around me and had the only flashlight or torch, I’d walk closer to them and hold out the light to help them see the path.    I think it would be odd for someone who didn’t believe in light to come and tell me to snuff out my torch or turn off my flashlight.  If they want to walk on their own and find their own way that’s their choice, but why bother to try and convince me I don’t believe in or need the light I have in my hand?

What do you think about the reason behind atheists’ campaigns against people who believe in God?

Another interesting interview with the leader from Atheist Agenda on Youtube