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I stumbled on the “Stuff Christians Like” blog a few months ago, thanks to a link my friend PJ had posted on his blog.  After reading a few posts, I was hooked.  This guy is funny!  At the same time he speaks truth – truth sometimes that stings just a little but is so, so necessary.  I subscribed to his blog and get his posts sent to my email everyday.  I’ve never regretted that decision.  I also follow him on twitter – and no, I’m not creeping on him or stalking.  I just think he’d be a fun guy to have as a friend.  And hey!  He put himself out there, okay?

As I read his post this morning saying that tomorrow is the 2-year anniversary of his project, which has been read by more than a million viewers, the thought struck me:  when He began this, he wasn’t planning on it snowballing into a wide-reaching phenomenon or really even having any impact at all.  In fact, he says “I thought this would be one more dumb idea I wrote about for 2 weeks and got bored with. But for reasons beyond the singularity of my unibrow, the site grew and it’s two years later. I asked God about a year ago if it would be crazy to try to tell a million people about him. It seemed kind of far fetched and silly. But having reached 1.1 million readers these last two years I am coming to grips with the idea that I tend to undersize the guy who breathed the Grand Canyon.”

In addition to reaching some readers that wouldn’t typically stick around a “Christian” blog, in the last few years he and his readers have raised more than $60,000 to build two kindergartens in Vietnam through Samaritan’s Purse.  Not only that, but I know God uses his posts to prick the minds of unbelievers and cause them to think again about topics they thought they had already decided, or judgments they’d already made.  For instance, I love this comment to one of his posts about how Mormons are typically “nicer” than Christians“No offense to anyone reading this, but if I weren’t an atheist, I’d strive to be this kind of Christian.”

God showed me again this morning:  We don’t come up with the plans, He does.  We just use the gifts He’s given us, in the areas that interest us naturally, follow the leading of His Spirit even though it might seem kind of dumb or silly, and watch God make something wonderful happen.  How awesome is that??  That’s right.  I am using that word and not flippantly.  For God to take something we’ve done and reach people’s hearts, changing people’s lives around the world through something as simple as blog posts…that is AWESOME!

And encouraging.  I don’t have to come up with the single most brilliant plan to reach people for God.  I don’t have to be just like Rob Bell or Bill Hybels or even Jon Acuff, aside from the fact that would be exceptionally difficult since I’m not a guy.  (I do have pretty cool glasses)  I just need to be myself and DO what He’s gifted ME to do, not what He’s gifted someone else to do, not copy what someone else has tried.  How positively freeing and beautiful.   So simple that we usually miss it.

I want to say “thank you” to Jon.  Thank you for being yourself.  Thank you for doing what you’re good at to make a difference, to say it like it is, for making us laugh at ourselves.  I pray God continues to do great things for however long He intends to through you and SCL.  May He get glory through it all.

We humans keep brainstorming options and plans,
but God’s purpose prevails.   Proverbs 19:21  The Msg

Commit everything you do to the Lord.  Proverbs 37:5  NLT