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You know how yesterday I blogged about loving the unlovable and how much I love my daughter even when she disobeys or does something that hurts me?  Well last night after swatting away (as gently as possible) a disrespectful attitude that was thrown at the back of my head by said daughter, I sulked into my bathroom to get ready for bed and felt God poke me on the shoulder.  I could almost see a smirk on his face as He asked me, “So, do you still love your daughter?”  I practically rolled my eyes at His question as if I had a feeling it was coming.  “Yes, I love her,” I muttered to myself through gritted teeth, “I love that little…”  (insert synonyms for “pain in the neck,” “toot”, “pill”…you get the picture). 

It’s either an odd mystical phenomenon or just ironic coincidence (or God’s sense of humor) that often when I’ve blogged about something I get a chance to practice what I preached, usually as soon as the next day.   After I blogged that post about not being afraid a few days ago, I faced an evening of more intense fear a few days later and had to recall what I had been writing, repeating it to myself.   Blog about patience, wind up driving behind an old geezer in a Buick going 20 in a 50 mph zone or behind a lady who wants to check every price on her entire cart of stuff while fumbling through 326 coupons in the grocery check-out.  Blog about trust and then face the van breaking down, an unexpected doctor visit, the dog and cat needing shots, and a bank account that’s already been wrung out the next day.  Blog about perseverance only to soon meet some discouragement and set backs and the chance to keep on keeping on like I yakked about.   Blog about loving unlovable people only to come nose to nose with one – the family and all of heaven watching what I’ll do.

So…I think today I will blog about how fun it is when you reach into the pocket of a pair of pants or a jacket you haven’t worn in a while and find a $5 bill.  Or when a friend, out of the blue, decides to bring you chocolate, an icy, big, fountain diet coke or a McDonald’s breakfast burrito with hot sauce, just to be nice.  That just warms the cockles of my heart.  (I’ve never really known – what are cockles?)

Maybe I should write about the importance of eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies while relaxing in a warm, sunny spot by a big window.

I know, I know.  It doesn’t work that way.  I should just get used to the idea and brace myself after blogging.  It’s bad enough when my girls toss my own words back at me, but me tossing them at myself?  Sheesh.

Does it ever happen to you?  Watch it – just as soon as you advise someone of something or feel you’ve had a revelation in your spiritual life you’ll get a chance to PWYP:  practice what you preach.

I do think it’s fun to find money in my pocket.