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Today I’ll try my hand at some poetry to thank God.  Post some of yours, too!

Here’s a haiku:

Thank you, Father God
adopted, accepted, held
I love being yours

Okay, that was kind of a haiku.  I think they’re supposed to be mostly made up of descriptive words.  I’ll give it another go:

Rainy, cloudy day
Drippy, refreshing, quiet
helpful, washing rain

Hmmmm…I need practice with haikus evidently.  How about a limerick?

If you’ve become one of the cranks
Who is stressed, has no funds in the bank
Why fester and brood
Choose a happier mood
Just get on your knees and say “Thanks!”

Maybe a “Cinquain”?

alive, flowing
expresses what’s inside
moving, colorful catharsis

Okaaaay – I wanna hear what you have!