I haven’t blogged much since last week, mostly due to a very full schedule resulting in being thoroughly pooped.  I never want to blog just for the sake of blogging if nothing is on my heart or coming to mind.   I thought I’d wrap up the last week or so in my life in a view bullet points:

  • Last Sunday night our oldest girl, Kimmi, and about 10 of her college friends came over for pancakes.  They brought all sorts of things to throw in like chocolate and white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, etc.  They were some pretty awesome flapjacks if I say so myself.  Flipping them was a challenge but we all ate our fill and had fun hanging out.  The highlight of that evening was that Kimmi spent most of the time in the kitchen with her grandma, dad and me.  I think we’re all feeling the need to connect as much as possible with a move in our near future.
  • Speaking of the near future – John and I traveled to San Diego, California the next morning (Monday) to meet the search team of a church there, see the church building and city and dialog with them.  We had some really good talks and saw some of the beauty of the San Diego community.  I saw so many spots where I could get away and just be, watching the ocean, looking across the city from a high hilltop…very appealing!  It was fun to go away just the two of us, and the people are wonderful, but it was a very short visit.  We left Wednesday morning and got home around 6.  My mom stayed with our two younger girls and so we got to visit with her that night before she left the next morning.
  • Thursday was a regular work day for me, then in the evening I spent time finishing up plans for worship at a pastors’ wives retreat that would start the next day, Friday, lasting through Sunday afternoon.  It was a complete joy to spend time with 20 other women who support their husbands, raise their kids, love their church families, and give of themselves 24/7.  We laughed, relaxed, talked, played games, worshiped, shared, prayed and cried together.  One of the highlights of the weekend was getting to know the beautiful, young wife of the pastor who has followed John at the church we just left a few months ago.  I looked in her pretty eyes as she told me she respected John and me for the way we left New Life.  As we hugged, both of us misty-eyed, I heard God say to me, “It’s your turn to be an encouragement to these young pastors’ wives like several were to you when you first started out.”  I will gladly step into that role!   It’s such a lovely stair-step of women teaching, embracing, and helping each other from the oldest most experienced to the youngest and newest among us.  We need each other.  Unless you are a pastor’s wife, you probably don’t understand the isolation and loneliness that is so typical for the women filling those shoes.
  • I got home from the retreat yesterday afternoon and started feeling puny.  My body will do that to me sometimes – shut down if I keep going and going without getting enough rest.  It forces me to stop and be still for a while.  Today I’m home from work and enjoying quiet.  We haven’t had the TV on at all.  The sun is shining and the sky is crystal clear blue.  I’m sitting out back soaking in the warm healing sunlight and enjoying a cool, gentle breeze.  Thank you, God, for some time to just sit and be.  I’ve needed that so much.
  • We watched a DVD Bible study by Beth Moore during the retreat about “loving well.”  It was so helpful and full of great insight from God’s Word.  One of the key points Beth made was that in order to love others well, we have to know without a doubt that we are well-loved.  We have to let God fill us with His love so we have love to share.  It comes from Him.  He loved us first.  I’m asking God to fill me with His love today.  I want to Him to remind me that I’m wanted and accepted by Him just the way I am. 

…we know how dearly God loves us, because he has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with his love.  Romans 5:5  NLT