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He’s one of my favorite Bible characters, probably second only to Jesus.  He persevered through lots of unfair treatment, imprisonment, hatred, and years of waiting and kept giving 100% and because of that people noticed.  They could see that God was with Him.  God never left Him and used all of those things, the entire timeline up to a certain point, to bring him to a place of purpose, a place from which he could save all of Israel, including his very own family.  Joseph’s story is well-known but is one I can learn from over and over again.  This morning, John preached about how God used even the opposition Joseph faced from his own flesh and blood brothers to help propel him down the to road to realizing his dreams.  They were God-given dreams and they would be God-caused, God-created, God-completed.  Joseph just had to stay faithful and keep believing.

Sometimes we let the negative things people say or their opposing attitudes and actions give us doubt about our God-given dreams.  Sometimes we even give up on a dream when it seems nothing is happening, it seems maybe we thought it up or imagined it, when it seems too big to really ever materialize….if we’re being logical.  Many times the enemy, satan, lies to us and convinces us to drop a dream, to just accept a mediocre existence, to just keep on keepin’ on for no special reason other than the fact that we haven’t died yet.

I got to thinking…  Are there God-given dreams in my heart that I’ve given up on or lost heart about?  I have to admit smushing down my dream for John and I to be involved in fruitful life-changing ministry when sometimes things don’t turn out like I thought they were going to or if I mistakenly listen to the enemy’s lies and second guess our abilities, our usefulness in God’s eyes.  Another dream I may have lost a little hope in, that’s been pressed back into a shadowy corner of my heart is the dream that all three of my girls will grow up to be godly young women, sold out to Jesus Christ, living for Him, wanting with all their hearts to surrender to God and be in His will.  Is that too big a hope and dream?  I haven’t stopped dreaming it, just haven’t had quite as much faith in it lately.  This morning I felt God nudge me to draw it out again and dust it off, let it be colorful, vibrant and strong again.   If it’s a God-given dream, that means it’s God-sized dream:  too big for me to comprehend, too complicated for me to make happen, to wonderful for me to imagine on my own.

No matter what circumstances occur, what words are spoken to me, what attitudes lay in ambush, I want to live in them, revel in them, find promise in them.   I’m trusting that God’s given them to me and He will make them come true.  Are you living the dream?  The dream God has given you?