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Have you ever seen the show “Myth Busters”?  The crew on the show takes something that’s been shown in a movie or TV show and tries it out in real life to see if it could really happen.  For instance, one time they tried using a single sword swipe to cut a pole in half as seen in a ninja flick.  Another time they tried shooting a circle of holes in a second-story floor with guns to see if the circle of wood the gunman was standing on would fall to the story underneath.  It’s a lot of fun to watch.  Sometimes the amazing feat proves to be actually doable, other times not even close.

In a loosely related way, sometimes I feel the need to search out the Scriptures to back up a claim about God – his character, the way He interacts with us, his promises, etc.   Yesterday I was thinking about how it’s often said God is interested in and involved in the details of our lives here on earth.  Is that true or just a myth?

Let me back up a bit.  My husband’s been unemployed for four months now as we await our next “assignment” from God in ministry.  In recent weeks we’ve had to start using our savings to keep bills paid.  The balance is dwindling and the time for us to move is still at least 6 weeks or more away.  I’m the one at our house who pays the bills and keeps track of this stuff so it’s often on my mind.  The cost of living in the state we’re considering moving to is more than twice what it is here in Indiana.  Yesterday I started thinking, “Are we foolish to think we can afford to live there?  Is it smart to venture out with so little, trusting/expecting God to take care of all the details?”  I even started thinking, is God really involved in all these details of our lives like me finding a job out there, helping us make the move and have enough money to get a place to live there, helping us find a good place to live there, helping our daughter settle into her new youth group and school, and it goes on and on.   Does he really care about all of this when He’s so big, we’re so small and there are several billion of us on the planet?  There are so many things that have to be figured out eventually and it can be overwhelming when our resources are disappearing.  While this is coursing through my mind, we’re also about to foreclose on a house we own in Missouri and have been trying to sell for almost three and a half years.  We have prayed and prayed.  We have tried all sorts of things to get rid of the house without foreclosing.   Now it seems inevitable.

And yesterday that really upset me – I guess partly because of pride and the fear that others will see us as deadbeats with a foreclosure on our credit.  Another big reason I’m upset is that we’ve worked hard for years to stay current, be responsible and build our credit and now it will have a huge stain on it for at least seven years from the foreclosure and being unable to pay a few other things during this time of unemployment.  I was getting a little upset at God as I described these feelings to John when he reminded me that several years before we left Missouri we refinanced that house and it wasn’t a wise move on our part.  We’re learning the hard way and reaping the consequences.  God answers prayers but He doesn’t remove the consequences of our choices.  Why did he have to remind me of that?

Back to my scrutiny of God’s involvement in our life:  I voiced my concerns to Him as I drove to work yesterday.  Then when I read my daily Bible reading at my desk, it just so happened that one of the chapters was Luke 12, which has this to say in verse 6-7, “What’s the price of two or three pet canaries? Some loose change, right? But God never overlooks a single one. And he pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head! …You’re worth more than a million canaries.” Sounds like He cares and is involved in details.  Is he numbering the gray hairs because they’re starting to multiply!  In the same chapter is the story about the greedy farmer who built up a huge store of grain only to die young taking nothing with him.  He was focused on stuff and self instead of God.

Jesus goes on to talk about how we shouldn’t fuss over what we wear, eat, or any of those basic needs because God will give it to us.  He says that if even the flowers in the field, which are much more frail and temporary than we are, are dressed so beautifully won’t God clothe us in a good way?  The birds are fed by Him and He just said we’re worth much more than birds.  I love how he concludes this lesson in verse 32:  “Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself.”

Steep myself in God-reality?  That sounds wonderful.  I should immerse myself in God, let Him flow all around and through me.  I’m God’s dear friend?  That means more to me than any stinkin’ house or credit score.  Oh my.  When I set my mind on God and all He’s done for me, not just materially, but in every way, I remember that a house, bills, mortgage, jobs, credit reports, and belongings are just STUFF.  More and more He’s showing me how unimportant stuff is, though they are hard lessons to learn!

SO – God caring about me and the details of my life is proven to be truth, and the “truth” the world gives me about the worth of stuff is shown to be a myth.  Good to know.  Really good to know.