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I watched “The Sixth Sense” for the first time, believe it or not, on Friday night.  I’m becoming a fan of M. Night Shyamalan’s early movies.  They’re so interesting and thought-provoking.

You know me, I tend to link up things I see with spiritual matters, looking for illustrations to real life from what I’ve watched on-screen.   I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie but one of the biggest lessons one of the main characters learns is to not be terrified of ghosts (dead people) that he sees, even though many of them are pretty ghastly.  They appear to him the way they were when they died or were killed so I don’t blame him for wanting to keep far away from them!  At the prompting of his friend and psychologist, he decides to try listening to them, realizing they’re coming to him for help.  He shows tremendous courage by doing just that, by taking time to hear what one of the ghosts wants to say.  In doing so, he’s able to go to the deceased one’s family and give them a really important answer they wouldn’t have had otherwise about their dead little girl.  He finds relief from the paralyzing fear that was crippling him and isn’t as afraid from that point on, seeing that there’s a purpose behind the unusual encounters.

I don’t know about you but there have been times when people I’ve met or had encounters with scared me or at least made me nervous.  I’ve definitely experienced a task or two God had for me that made me want to run the opposite direction.  In obeying Him I found peace and an unexpectedly good outcome for me and for someone else.  Could it be that some of the people in our lives that we don’t understand or that “scare” us really just need us to listen and maybe help them?

This morning at church we shared in communion together.  This time, ushers stood up front, some holding baskets of pieces of bread, some holding goblets of juice.  We were to walk up, take a piece of bread, dip it in the juice and eat, remembering Christ.  As we slowly approached the front, I looked at some of the people in line with me, in front and behind.  There were some who looked really nice in stylish clothes, with nails done and hair just right.  There were younger and older.  Thinner and not so thin.  Those with smiles and those with somber faces, some looking down at the floor.  Right in front of me was a couple that seemed to be a little less “well-off”.  The man had almost matted hair, an earring and some tattoos.  As I saw him carefully dip his bread in the juice, Jesus reminded me that when He came, He came for every person.  We’re all the same in His eyes – all beautiful souls he loves so much he was willing to give up his life.  (By the way, I have nothing against earrings or tattoos)

God, give me more boldness and courage.  Give me your eyes to see people clearly, as those I can love and help, not be afraid of or avoid.  Hold my shoulders fast to the front so I won’t turn away from something just because it makes me a little afraid, but will walk forward with You and find purpose and peace.  I know I’ll find that obeying You isn’t so scary after all.