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I like the band “The Rocket Summer.”  It just so happened that the last two mornings as I drove to work, the iPod on shuffle, I heard one of his songs each day.  This morning I listened to his song that has these words in the chorus:

I need a break, but I’d rather have a breakthrough

Can I say that today?  I definitely have felt like I need a break, or my family does.  Could it be that if we hold out long enough, keep believing through strain that we’ll break through to the next level of growth God planned for us?  Closer to His dream for us?  Maybe while feeling the burn of fatigued soul muscles starting to shake under the weight of life, if we persevere it will be so worth it.  Rather than the momentary yet temporary relief of a break, we’ll have the increased strength, insight, wisdom and joy of a breakthrough.  Perhaps God has some epiphanies up ahead, revelations, new discoveries about Him and about ourselves, renewed passion, purpose, freedom.

I remember reading in some book about babies, when my girls were babies, that whenever a little one is about ready to learn a new skill or pass a new development milestone, they have a cranky stage.  Right before they finally master rolling over, sitting up on their own, learning how to take hold of something, crawling, walking or other baby accomplishments, they get frustrated.  Once they achieve it they’re elated and the crankiness goes away.  (We Moms know the crankiness never fully goes away but you catch my drift).  It wouldn’t be the same if the mommy did it for them or helped them do it, either.  They have to learn to do those things by themselves.

This morning I feel God urging me, and not in a cliché way, to hang in there.  He’s given us a few obvious signs that He is for us, that He’s with us, that He’s at work.  That has to be enough to keep plugging on for now.  Joy in accomplishment is magnified by the effort it took to get there.  I even feel joy in this really long spiritual workout, believe it or not.  At least I am today.

So, I say to you sincerely, Papa:  We need a break, but we’d rather have a breakthrough.