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It’s one of our favorite family laughs.  We were living in Las Cruces, New Mexico and had been teaching our girls a little bit about constellations: the big dipper, little dipper, the north star, and Orion’s belt.  They had fun looking for them in the wide, clear desert sky at night.  All three shared a bedroom and while out shopping one day we picked up a package of glow-in-the-dark stars to put up on their wall.  I put them up while they were at school one day and arranged them into some of the constellations, hoping the girls would recognize them when the lights went out.  Bedtime rolled around and all three were tucked in.  After we said our prayers, I asked, “Are you ready to see your stars?”  John turned off the lights and the little stars played their part beautifully. “Ooooooo”, we all said.  The stars were scattered all over the wall facing the girls.  As we looked in silence for a moment, all of the sudden our littlest one sat up in her bed and pointed, shouting excitedly, “Look!!  The Hawaiian’s belt!!”

Those little plastic stars were just a faint replica of the real giant, flaming balls of gas millions of miles into space.   They would barely show up unless we left the light on for a while so they could “soak” it up.  In fact, their glow only lasted a little while until the next time we turned the light on.

I read the other day that getting at least 15 minutes of morning sunlight (even on a cloudy day) is good for us emotionally and physically.  Soaking up some sunlight helps our bodies make Vitamin D which helps protect against cancer, bone brittleness and other health concerns.  It boosts our mood and helps our body’s clock stay on track.  I am a sun lover.  It truly makes me feel better if I spend sometime outside in healing, energizing sunlight.  I need to soak up the sun every day.

I need to soak up true light from Jesus every day, too.  There are so many benefits to living in close relationship to Him, in His presence.   In a way you and I are like those little plastic stars.  We’re a faint representation of our giant, brilliant, holy God.  We can’t make our own light either – it all comes from Him.  His holiness, purity, goodness, love, and power fill us up, recharges us, whenever we’re consciously thinking of Him, praying to Him, getting caught up in a worship song, reading and absorbing his Word, talking with other “stars” about Him, resting and being still in Him.  We should stay so close to Jesus that wherever we are, His light and love is glowing from inside of us so brightly that others will sit up, take notice and point saying, “Look! It’s God!!”  (The Bible says if we’re living for God, others will see and give God the credit and attention.  I Peter 2:13)

Without your light and love, God, I’m just a dull, dark, little plastic star.  I have to admit I’m feeling a little dim today.  Let me soak in Your pure, healing, energizing light.  Make me glow!

Remember, our Message is not about ourselves; we’re proclaiming Jesus Christ, the Master. … It started when God said, “Light up the darkness!” and our lives filled up with light as we saw and understood God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful.  II Cor. 4:6  The Msg