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I like Twitter.  It helps me keep up with friends I’m not with every day, including my two older daughters.  Each of their tweets is a little glimpse into their day, their hearts and thoughts and it makes me feel connected.  Sometimes on the home page Twitter gives recommendations of people to “follow.”  There are some I comedians I follow that crack me up, some well-known pastors I follow that encourage or challenge me, and so on.  For a while I followed some Olympic athletes like Apolo Ohno.  He’s such a positive, enthusiastic person.   Some people I follow and would love to hear more of what they’re thinking, but they just aren’t into twitter and rarely say anything.

I’d like to recommend that on this path we call everyday life on planet Earth, that you follow Jesus.  He’s always got something to say and it’s not self-promoting, nonsensical blather.  Whatever he says gives life.

I’m sure you’ve experienced something similar to what I did when I was little.  I was with my mom at a mall, we were walking holding hands, then I let go to look at something off to the side.  When I turned around, I started talking to her only to look beside me to see it wasn’t my mom!  It was some other lady.  I had to look around for a moment before I found her up ahead a ways and then catch up to her.

If you follow Jesus, follow closely, in fact, grab hold of His hand so you won’t get lost…or think you’re following Him only to look over to see you’ve gotten sidetracked and are being led by someone or something else.  Sometimes this path becomes a maze of briars and tall hedges, where you can scarcely see your next step much less way down the path ahead.

I so often wish I could have seen Jesus in the flesh when he walked around Nazareth or along the Sea of Galilee.  He must had the most compelling gaze or intriguing, commanding voice.  Not loud and booming, just ringing with a mysterious authority mixed with the purest love imaginable.  When He called out to some men to come and follow Him, they dropped what they were doing right then and said “Okay, let’s go!”  Would they have done that for just anybody?  They didn’t even really know Jesus, but they followed.  For three years they followed, getting to walk, eat, talk, hang out with and listen to Jesus first-hand.  They could ask Him anything.  They had front row to seats to miracle after miracle.  I know there were things He said that confused and confounded them but what a privilege they enjoyed!

I guess those disciples might look at us and think we’re the privileged ones.  We get to experience the presence of Jesus wherever we are, whenever, with whomever.  His very Spirit lives in us and gives us power.  Jesus promised He would never leave us, that His Spirit would counsel and guide us.  We can follow Him in a different way but it’s just as intimate and amazing, maybe even more so.

I’m holding His hand and intend to not let go!  I’m listening, too.  I want to hear that amazing voice of yours today, Jesus.  Tell me something.  Challenge me.  Love me.  Lead me. It’s my honor and joy to follow.