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I’m so glad God never changes.  He is the same as He was from the beginning of time and will be the same until time ends.  That’s a really good thing for all of us puny humans because everything and everyone else in this life changes all the time!  Just as sure as I start to count on something it falls apart, blows away, shape shifts, or turns out to be something other than what it appeared to be.

If you’ve seen the movie “Twister” you know that at the end of the story, the two main characters are running from a very near, oncoming tornado.  As it just about swallows them up, they lash themselves with thick leather straps to a pipe they find that runs deep into the ground.  The thundering spiral barrels down on them and then sweeps them up into itself so that they’re whipped upside down, legs off the ground, thrashed about and then eventually dropped back onto the ground as the storm moves on.  If they had tied themselves down to something flimsy like a branch on the ground or a corn-stalk they would have been literally blown away.  Instead they chose something immovable and secure.

I’m lashed to God and it’s a good thing!  Thankfully each of my family is, too, because life gusts past us and all around us, sweeping us up sometimes so that we’re at its whim for a time.  The storm can’t tear us from God though.  He’s immovable and secure -our foundation, our anchor.  He never changes.  Solid as a rock.  He’s the Almighty, the Author of the passage of all life, the Holy One, the Beginning and the End.  He sees every animal, person, planet and galaxy at once and knows them well because He made them Himself.  There’s nothing He doesn’t know, can’t do, hasn’t thought of.  In love, He lets us bind ourselves to Him and we’re safe.

I double checked this morning to make sure I’m tied down.  Are you?