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I know God doesn’t have an actual desk, but if He did, there’d be one of those signs on it that reads “The Buck Stops Here.”  He gave me that image the other day when I was letting myself get weighed down with concerns.  How often I forget that I’m supposed to pass burdens on up to Him, I’m not supposed to try to carry them all by myself.  Have you ever seen a little child wanting to help or prove how big they are by dragging a suitcase or carrying a bag too heavy for them?  “Here let me take that,” the mom says.  “No,” the child says as they strain and grunt to pull it along, “I got it.” They eventually have to give in because they just can’t do it without help.

Jesus said to come to Him when I’m worn out from trying to lug heavy stuff along.  He said that His way of life is light and easier to carry and besides that He’ll be with me, helping the whole time.   (Matt. 11:28)  The buck of burdens doesn’t stop with me, it stops with Him.  He’s the only One who really knows what to do with them.  He is the only One strong enough, wise enough, patient enough.

The buck of decision-making doesn’t stop with me either.  I used to work in a doctor’s office as receptionist and enjoyed greeting the patients and getting to know the “regulars.”  Imagine how silly it would have been if I tried to diagnose them.  I didn’t have the training or the know-how and it wouldn’t have turned out pretty.  They needed to see the doctor, the boss.  The buck didn’t stop with me, it did with Him.  I’m not the final word on what’s best in my life, God is. I remember Proverbs 3:5-6 and how it reminds me to not lean on my understanding but trust completely and wholeheartedly in God’s.

The buck of accolades and praise most definitely doesn’t stop at my little desk.  When something good happens, I need to pass the praise right on to God.  Any good in me or what I do, any good thing or event in my life is not from me, it’s from Him.  Credit where credit is due.

The buck of responsibility for God’s kingdom to grow and for people to be saved really doesn’t stop at my station either.  I’m trying to do a good job at my post, in the role where He’s put me, but it’s actually His project and I’m just helping.  We all need to remember this, especially leaders in churches.  So often we think it’s all up to us and if we mess up or miss something God’s whole mission and plan are going down the drain.  As if!

In love, God told me that my pride is one big reason why I forget the buck does not stop here with me.  I need to remember that there is a God and it’s not me.  I have no real control.  I admit in every situation, every good or bad day, every failure or “accomplishment,” every uncertainty, that He can handle it.  He’s the fairest, kindest boss.  He doesn’t shirk the huge mantle of being the One in charge.  He wears it with confidence.

Next time you’re tempted to take on something that’s not yours to take on, pass it on up to the boss, to God.  Then thank Him like I do that the buck does NOT stop here!