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My freshman year roommate was sweet as can be but decided after living with me for a year that she wanted to switch to someone else.  One of the reasons that surfaced was that I moved the furniture of our room around all the time.  She would come back to the room at night and the stuff would be in a different place.  I’m guessing that wasn’t fun in her opinion. Especially if she walked in without turning on the lights.  Of course, she never told me while I was doing it so I just kept up my quirky habit in ignorant bliss.  Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t have been so hip on that either if I was her.  She did have bruises on her knees quite a bit.

I love to move furniture.  It feels like a fresh start or redecorating without having to do a big project or spend money.

I changed my major three times.

We have changed addresses at least 8 times since we got married.

I must have changed at least 30,000 diapers as a young mom.

I change my hairstyle just about every other time I go to my stylist.

I change my mind…frequently.

I’ve had to change my parenting methods many times, multiplied by three unique girls.

I change the desktop wallpaper on my computer screen every few days.

I change my clothes every day.  Aren’t you glad?

I changed the theme here on my blog for the fourth time, as you can see.  I think this is the one I’ll stick with.  Famous last words.

Why am I so keen on all these changes and have such a hard time with bigger life changes?  Well, these changes I’ve listed were/are things I had control over.  I don’t jump up quite as eagerly to embrace the changes in regards to church, relationships, jobs, ministry, moving and getting use to a new environment, or the toughest – changes of attitude and heart.

Instead of turning tail in a panic and running away from change when it appears, or standing stiff and unyielding, I’ll put on my Gumby suit and roll with it, whatever it is, chanting to myself  “Change is not the enemy, change is not the enemy.  I’m flexible.  Change is good.”   Yes, I will.  That is the plan.

Unless it changes.