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When I was a youth leader years ago, we used to open our time together, after playing a silly game, by sitting in a circle and taking turns telling our high and low points from the day.  It was a neat way to get a glimpse into what was on each other’s hearts, good and not so good.  Well, I’d like to share a few high points.   No need to talk about low ones – I think if I don’t give them any attention they’ll fade from my memory anyway, right?

When my youngest and I walked in to the church tonight we were surprised to see twice as many kids in the student auditorium as usual and the buzz was electric.  Energy was practically resonating out of the doorway.  High points ahead, I could tell.  I decided to stick around and see what was going to happen.  I stood over to the side, toward the back of auditorium.  I liked it there, kind of in my own little world.   Youth groups from around the county were gathered to worship together since today was “See You at the Pole.”  Worship was wonderful, led by a gifted college student and his band.   We lifted our voices, our hearts and our hands, singing loudly and with joy.  High point.  The message was powerful, brought by a good friend who is also a gifted preacher.  God was so present.  When it was time for the message I grabbed a chair to sit for a while. A moment later, my oldest daughter’s boyfriend, Nathanael, grabbed a chair and brought it over to sit by me with a big smile on his face.

During the youth worship time, we sang a few songs about having open hands, about giving our whole selves to Jesus, about standing with arms wide in abandon…I whispered a prayer and asked God that in regard to our future, to please put me somewhere where the passions I feel in my heart, the things I absolutely love to do, are what is needed.  I would love to serve where I can do those things with abandon and not feel restricted or held back.  I love to be with young people and college kids.  I love to worship and sing with my whole heart.  I don’t know exactly where or how I could fit in somewhere to do those things but I’m sure God, the master orchestrator and creative thinker, can make it happen.  I don’t feel called to be a youth pastor, but I’d love to be involved with young people, to hug them, to pray with them, to goof around with them.  Watching them skitter around, laugh, tease, flirt with each other, jump on each other’s backs and just be themselves makes me smile.  They’re full of life!  Sometimes they’re full of other stuff, too, but mostly it’s good.

After church, there was a low point that tried to creep in and mess up the previous high points, but I just told it to go jump in a lake.

After youth worship I stayed for practice for Sunday’s worship and got to sing and harmonize with Nathanael and some other peeps.  Singing and praising with other people and hanging out with musicians is just plain fun for me.

I’m so glad that the God we serve is bigger and stronger than anyone, more powerful than any low point or any enemy.  The cards He plays in our life trump everything else.  And tonight He played a really good hand.

Tell me about the high points of your day.  You can tell me the low ones, too, if you want to.  I’d love to hear.