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I’m in the middle of my week-long social media fast and so far, so good.  I do miss it, miss that community I feel a part of.  I realize that it’s a habit for me to tweet a lot because whenever things happen or I have a thought I want to share with someone I reach for my phone thinking, “I should tweet that!” and then I remember that I’m not using twitter right now.  I also feel like I don’t know as much of what’s going on in my friends’ and family’s life because I often see on facebook where people are going, what they’re dealing with, and how they feel.  In fact, a day or so ago my sister sent me an email (something I’m still using) and said, “Hey!  What’s going on? John just put on twitter that 3 churches are interested in him?  I need details!”  And I replied, “So do I!  I don’t know what you’re talking about!”  So I called John and found out.  That wasn’t so hard.  Calling people?  Meeting with them in person?  What novel ideas!

So often I’ll be in the same room with John and Krissy in the evenings at home but I’m on facebook or twitter, so while trying to connect with people there I’m not really connecting with my own husband and daughter sitting about 5 feet away from me.  Instead of telling facebook or twitter something I thought or learned, something I feel, some news, I should turn around and tell them. I should tell God.

I long to be closer to Him.  Other sources for connection never really satisfy, not that deep need and yearning I have.

I decided today that each time I come up with something I want to tweet, I’m going to tell God.  Each time I see something funny, beautiful, sad, amazing, or whatever that I would typically share over cyberspace, I’ll share it with Him.  It seems like a fun way to feel more connected to Him, to live in relationship with Him today, to be more conscious of His presence with me everywhere, all the time.  I can have unspoken conversation with Him all day long – how awesome!   He is intimately aware of every single thought, wish, desire, hurt, or need that arises in my heart and so I don’t even have to put anything into words.  We’re connected soul to soul-Creator, spirit to Spirit.

People can defriend me on facebook or stop following me on twitter, networks crash sometimes, sometimes the Twitter “fail whale” proclaims server overload, but my connection with God is lasting and can’t be broken…and it’s easier than I thought!

…as for me, how good it is to be near God!  Psalm 73:28  NLT

Come near to God, and he will come near to you.  James 4:8

You have shown me the way of life,
and you will fill me with the joy of your presence.  Acts 2:28