Yeah, nothing here’s as good as it should be, ’cause this is the rehearsal.  In between the “was” and the “could be,” love is the reversal.  – Starfield, Beauty in the Broken ©2006

Sometimes I picture this path at twilight, with a chill in the air.  I’m walking with my hands in my pockets, the collar of my coat turned up around my neck, being drawn by the warmth I see way off in the distance:  tiny golden squares of light which are the windows of home.  The lights stay on no matter what time of day it is, I just see them more clearly when it’s dark out.  I don’t know exactly when I’ll get there but I keep walking.  There are lots of people walking the opposite direction.  They seem to be oblivious that home is far off in the other direction.  Or maybe they don’t realize this isn’t their real home, this dusty path on earth.   My Papa’s love compels me to reach out, grab their sleeve and try to convince them to turn around and come with me.  “This life is good in many ways, sure, but it’s nothing like it could be and will be if we follow Christ!  Come this way.” or “I know this life really sucks sometimes, hurts and leaves us broken.  Come this way with me and find healing, hope and love.”

Ever feel like an outsider in your own life?  How about feeling frustrated with the state our world is in?  Does it seem like you’re just walking aimlessly, not even sure you’re on the path or there is a path?  God has His eye on you, knows exactly where You are and when it’s your time He wants to bring you to your real home.  He longs to welcome you to the place of your origin, where you belong more than you thought was possible, where the shape of who you are fits precisely into your surroundings and only you can complete that part of the scene.  Any joy, love, peace, or purpose you’ve receive here is just a preview of the truest, most complete joy, love, and peace waiting for us at home.

C.S. Lewis said it so well:  “If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that I was made for another world.” There’s a reason why we never quite feel like we’ve arrived or are whole here.  I don’t want to walk by those going the other way and not try to help them see that.  I would certainly want someone to do that for me if I didn’t know.

Each act of love can be a little reminder of home, a way to bring some home here to earth.  God’s love shown through us will cause someone who still thinks this is the final destination to want to hear more about where we’re headed.  Love causes people to turn around, to be willing to walk against the flow.

Nothing here’s as good as it should be, because this is just the rehearsal!  So while we walk away from what has been toward what could be, love is the reversal.