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I lift up my hands in prayer – presenting myself wide open and vulnerable before You, God.  I trust You.

I lift my hands in awe and amazement and then spread them far out in front of me as I kneel down with my head to the ground.  You are holy.  The palms of my hands press against the cool earth, a reminder of where I came from, that I’m really dust.  How is it that you care about me, God?   Almighty.  Holy.  True.  How I worship You.

I lift my hands in surrender admitting I can’t, but You can.  I confess my hands and heart are weak, not to mention the rest of me.  I need You.

I lift my hands to testify that I know the answer, I know the Truth.   I’m willing to be noticed as one who is completely in love with Jesus.  I’m not ashamed to stand with arms raised declaring my devotion, my allegiance to You.  I believe in You.

I lift my hands for mercy, with head and shoulders bowed low.  You washed my blood-stained, guilty hands with Your own blood.  You accepted me and didn’t throw me away.  You forgive!  You take heavy guilt out of my hands, casting off the heavy handcuffs and chains of my sin.  I thank You!

I lift my hands as high as I possibly can in celebration as I sing and shout about You, my Creator, my Father, my Friend.   You are faithful, powerful, brilliant, and beautiful.  You are gracious when You should be angry, forgiving when You have every right to punish.  You were before all time, You are now and You will be when all other things have ended, including time itself.  I depend on You to be my Rock and refuge now and always.  I praise You.

I lift my hands in need, stretching and reaching as if to actually touch You somehow, longing to feel You grasp my hands and help me.  Would you pull me up and let me sit with You, allow me to lean against Your side?  Could I be so bold as to wrap my hands and arms around You?  To rest my head and nestle in that embrace with You would be heavenly, in the truest sense of that word.  I’m home when I’m with You.

I love You.

Your unfailing love is better than life itself;
how I praise you!
I will praise you as long as I live,
lifting up my hands to you in prayer.
You satisfy me more than the richest feast.
I will praise you with songs of joy.  Psalm 63:3-5 NLT