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As we walked into Crossroads for worship this morning a little late I saw a room practically full and once I sat down several more came in after me. I looked around and saw a lot of young faces belonging to high school and college students and young adults. I don’t know why but it made me smile to see the teen boys who shuffled in and sat down in front of us with their hoodies, shaggy hair and tennis shoes. All of us listening to God’s word, truth being spoken into all the listening ears and hearts. After the message we stood to sing and soon I was overcome. The voices behind and beside me were loud but off-key. I happened to be among some enthusiastic singers who can’t hold a tune but today it didn’t throw me off or bug me, it blessed me. They were singing their hearts out.

Several times our lead worshipper would step back from the mic and then we could hear the sound we were making together (I love it when he does that). I know, no matter who was on pitch or not, that it was a sweet sound in God’s ears.

As we kept singing and after worship while I looked around at all the college kids standing to visit and leave, my heart swelled. I wonder if God will give me a place to serve where I can love on and minister to college students because my heart is drawn to them. I don’t know most of the kids that were there today but I felt love for them.

Some of my happiest moments this past year have been when my college daughter and a whole slew of her friends came over to our house several times to eat and hang out. We make sure to take a moment to pray for them before they go back to school. I’m looking forward to meeting some more friends when my 2nd daughter, who’s in college this year, brings some of her peeps home soon.

God loves people at every stage of life but today I was bowled over by His love for young people. Give me moments when I can encourage them as they follow You, Jesus. Give me opportunities to love them. Thank you for the life and energy behind all those voices, God, and for allowing me to stand in the midst of it today.