It’s Thursday and you know what that means – thankfulness!  I thought I’d go A to Z today.  I’m thankful for:

A – Apples, especially crispy, tart ones

B – Babies, baby hugs, baby smiles…babies – whenever I get a chance to hold a friend’s baby or take care of them, my troubles seem to fade for a while

C – Cats, specifically Rocky the wonder cat, except when he’s knocking things off the bathroom counter for fun at 2:30 in the morning

D – Dogs, specifically Sunny our sweet geriatric canine.  We may have to put her down soon so I’m extra thankful for her and giving her extra lovins.

E – Excel.  I know, weird, but it popped in my head.  My work would be a lot tougher if someone hadn’t invented Microsoft Excel.

F – Farts.  Just think how we’d feel if we couldn’t fart.  That gas has gotta come out somehow and I think it’s great that God made it happen in a way that makes us laugh.  Not sure why He made them smell so bad, though.  I would have made them smell like cinnamon rolls.

G – Girls.  My girls, my sister, my mom, my girlfriends, girls in the youth group at church and my daughters’ college friends.  Girls rock.

H – Hair.  Even though I change my mind on style a lot, I have enough hair for 10 people and don’t want to take it for granted.  This has come to the forefront with so many of my friends dealing with cancer and chemo.

I – Ice cream.  DUH.

J – John, my partner, love and friend.

K – Kimmi, Kaitlin and Krissy.  Okay, I know that’s 3 k’s but it’s my list.

L – Leaves, especially the bright orange-red ones on maple trees in the fall, especially on a sunny, blue sky day.

M – M & Ms – my latest favorite is the pretzel ones

N – New songs – it’s so great to find a new song I love – something fresh.

O – Oreo McFlurries, snack size of course.

P – People, on the whole they’re very interesting and good company.  They can also be toots but I guess that goes with the territory.

Q – Quiet

R – Really good, faithful friends  (I know that should be in the “Fs” but humor me)

S – Soup – I love making soup.  It’s one good thing about fall and the upcoming winter.

T – Toenails.  I’m losing one of mine and never thought to be thankful for them.

U – Underwear.  Seriously – we’re better off for it right?

V – Vacation – something I’d love to have right now!  It’s great when it comes.

W – Water.  Another thing I definitely don’t want to take for granted.  Clear, clean water to drink.  Running water in my house.

X – Christ (X is the Greek letter symbolizing Christ –  like in “X-mas”)

Y – Yelling at a concert – I was just thinking how fun that is.

Z – Zoos.  St. Louis has one of the best and it was FREE.  I miss going there!

How about you?  Share some of your A-Z thanks…