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I know you have them, too.  Those deep thoughts about the meaning of life and the way things are and why they’re the way they are.  The thoughts and questions that, if you dwell on them too long, start to make you feel anxious or weird or small.   While I was driving to work yesterday, watching the sun grow brighter and then seeing colorful purple and pink clouds spreading away from that rising sun as I drove over a hill, my mind started asking some of those questions – the questions with no answers.  What would those questions be for you?

Why are we here and why here?  Why do we have this temporary life and not just have heaven with God from the beginning?  You know, skip the whole sin/trials/human struggle and go straight to just being with God forever in paradise.  If God knows everything, and I believe He does, then why would he create a world of people who mess up knowing He would go through agony by giving His life as a sacrifice for those little trouble-makers that keep straying away from Him?

Why did he go to the trouble of making so many thousands of species of fish, animals, bugs, flowers, trees, birds and more?  Some of which are rarely even seen by anyone.  Out of all the constellations and galaxies He’s made, why choose to put funny little fleshly bipeds with hearts and minds and selfish tendencies on this planet made of rock and clay?

Evidently He likes to create things and people and has a limitless imagination.  And He is Love.  How fortunate for us that the God Almighty, the beyond-comprehension Being that is in charge of everything everywhere for all time is Love!   He is an immense mystery.  It seems He wants to be loved in return, as a Father is loved by His children.  I guess part of the reason the world is temporal with sin as an option is so we have the opportunity to choose to love Him over everything else.  I’d be less than thrilled if someone came to me and said “I’ve been assigned to be your friend.”  It would be so much more meaningful if they said, “I love spending time with you, you’re special to me.  I like you.”

God wants us to choose to love Him, to respond to this beautiful, amazingly intricate and complex world He created in thankfulness.  I think He wants us to enjoy looking at all the marvelous varieties of flowers, plants, animals and even people who He has come up with.  It all seems to be because of His love.

I still don’t understand it all…and I need to stop thinking about it for a while because my head hurts.  In the meantime, while I put those ponderings on the back burner, I want to thank God for making this world and for making people.  I want to thank Him for giving us the choice to believe in Him and love Him and not designing us to be unthinking, automated, pre-programmed robots.  I’m really thankful that all He asks of me is to live in THIS day.  I don’t have to figure it out, just walk with Him in love one day at a time.   That’s enough answer for now.

Our LORD and Ruler,

your name is wonderful

everywhere on earth!

You let your glory be seen in the heavens above…

3I often think of the heavens

your hands have made,

and of the moon and stars

you put in place.

4Then I ask, “Why do you care

about us humans?

Why are you concerned

for us weaklings?”

5You made us a little lower

than you yourself, and you have crowned us

with glory and honor.   Psalm 8:1-5 CEV