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My friend, Nancy, told me some great lessons God taught her while she chased her little beagle one day when he got loose.  I asked her to share it all with me so I could post it on my blog, so here are her “Elvis Epiphanies”:


And there he goes… again!

We ran through 4 different wooded areas, each surrounded by fencing.  At one point I watched my beagle climb a fence and jump over to the other side.  Not an easy feat for any dog, but especially for a beagle who has a bad hip and has a femur in his back left leg that has been shattered by a bullet.

After an hour and 20 minute chase these are some of the things I learned while I ran and prayed…

  1. Sometimes I see God and hear Him call and I turn and run the opposite direction
  2. Sometimes I let God get close enough to touch me and then I bolt from Him
  3. I usually want to “hear/sense” that God is near ME, but I don’t always want to go where He is going.
  4. Always when I am exhausted, dirty and can’t go another step, He picks me up, cleans me off and holds me while I rest.

These things are very unsatisfying for God, as a matter of fact they suck.

When Elvis was running through the corn field I couldn’t always hear him because my movements in the corn were too loud.  I realized this is the same with me and God.  Sometimes I just need to be still, close my eyes and listen and then I can hear HIM.

At the end of the run I could hear Elvis howling Arrroooof in yet another wooded area.  I told God, I am not going in there.  I hear him, but I don’t have it in me to climb another fence. That is when I heard God say… “go in there”.  I didn’t want to, but I went and there was no fence at this wooded area.  As a matter of fact there was a wide open path without anything obstructing my way.  Then I told God, “it won’t matter he will just run away when I get there.”  God the said, “listen, he’s not moving,”.  I listened and realized the barking was remaining in a localized area.  When I got to Elvis he ran and crawled under a fence.  God gave me the strength to climb the fence and when I got over the fence Elvis just collapsed, totally exhausted from his big adventure.  I didn’t have a leash, so this meant I would have to carry the 35 pounder until I could call home for help.  At this point, I asked God just how in the world was I supposed to climb a fence and hold him at the same time.  No sooner had the words left my lips (yes, I actually said this out loud) when I took 2 steps to my right and found the fence low to the ground that I could climb over without much effort.

When I finished my run, I realized how close God had been.  I also realized it is ALWAYS when I am broken and don’t have the strength to go on it is easiest to hear God’s voice.

I learned that even when I try to control a situation I AM NOT IN CONTROL,  and forgiveness is a choice not a feeling.

Lastly, I learned I cannot do anything alone.  I need God’s help, guidance, wisdom, and strength in everything I do.