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I must warn you upfront that this post is kind of rambly and disjointed.  Okay, read on if you like.

We all make judgments about other people all the time, in split seconds.  Most of the time I think we base our judgments on the way they look, sound, act or smell.  Unfortunately, I think a lot of our judgments are critical because so much of our thought-life is driven by pride, even when we are doing our best to follow Jesus and live humbly.  I catch myself thinking critical thoughts a lot.  Probably need to take that one to God on my knees a little more fervently.  I don’t like thinking those thoughts and sure don’t want someone thinking them about  me.  They sure could, especially on days like today when I ventured out with no make-up and shaggy hair.

I’m not talking about dwelling long and hard on these judgments, just formulating instant impressions.

Can you tell I’m feeling a wee bit convicted about all of this?  I so want to think the best of everyone I see around me, for real.  Is it possible to get so close to Jesus that we think the best of people automatically instead of the other way around?

Watch this commercial that we saw this evening:

I turned to John and said, “a lot more to that phone than meets the eye huh?  I guess that was the point of the commercial.  Kind of like people.  Hey, I think I’ll blog about that.”

The Motorola people are claiming that little phone can do so many things it’s like having a laptop instead.  Don’t underestimate that little phone!

Don’t underestimate other people, Mimi, or make flash judgments when you don’t know them at all!  (I’m talking to myself here, so don’t mind me.) There’s almost always more than meets the eye.

What if we all would take a little time to find out about people, even just people in the check-out line or at a school sporting event or even at church?  If we are each made in God’s image and He is infinite, holy, powerful, creative, brilliant, inventive, giving, master at organizing and orchestrating, loving, compassionate, musical, artistic, and more we can be sure that each person he’s made has some amazing “insides” that probably won’t be evident at first glance.  Even the simplest person, or the one facing the toughest physical challenges, or the one in the most dire circumstance has a soul and mind fashioned by God Himself.  That alone gives them great worth.

I’m going to try to keep that in mind, but I have a feeling I’ll need God to thump me on the head often.  I need Him to say to me as I pass by every single other person around me, “Don’t judge.  Look.  Love.  There’s more to this one than meets the eye.”