It’s the reason I don’t sew my own clothes, or refinish furniture, or knit, or sew quilts.  It’s the reason I love my short haircut, my fast computer, and convenience stores.   It’s hard for me to have the patience needed for time-consuming, detailed tasks because if you want a good result, you have to take time to go through lots of steps and do each one carefully.  Or you have fewer steps but you have to do them over and over and over and over and over and…you get the idea.  I like to see progress more quickly, like when you paint a room or change shoes.  One step and voila!  Change and results!  Our fast-paced, want-things-in-an-instant society only contributes to this mentality of mine.  Maybe you struggle with it, too.

I remember as a little girl feeling impatient while my mom put curlers in my  hair on Saturday nights or when I went to the orthodontist as a teenager and nothing ever seemed to be simple or quick. Just finish and let me out of this chair!  I’ve got places to go and things to do, people.

I suppose I could sew clothes and all those types of projects and rush through but I’d probably get shabby results and ultimately be dissatisfied.

I was driving around this morning in the snow listening to one of my favorite worship artists, Phil Wickham.  One song in particular struck me and I think I’ll make it our family theme song for this year.  It’s called “The Time is Now” and it speaks of how it’s time to make a change, time to step out, time to march or dance into what God’s been preparing for us and preparing us for.  God has been working on us for a while now and when in the midst of things we feel like it will never end – the constant testing, chiseling, honing, refining, rebuking, and training.

I see now how it has all been to get us ready for the next chapter in our lives and it is so worth it.  I’ve learned, actually am still learning, to not complain when the process of being made more like Jesus takes so long.  After all, look at the raw material God is working with.  There’s a long way to go.  The beautiful truth is that God has all the patience needed to keep working on us, to keep lovingly drawing us back when we slip off the stool and try to wander away, to keep making us ready for what’s ahead.

If you’re in the midst of God working on you, feel like you’re getting an exhausting, comprehensive extreme makeover and it’s taking a long time, be encouraged!  When God finally lets you hop off the stool for a while because you’re ready for the next thing He has for you to do or be a part of, you’ll see it was worth the wait, the patience, the surrender and more.

I know we will always be getting back up on that stool from time to time, clay pots never really finished until we get to heaven someday, but for this next phase of life I hear God saying, “Ahh, you’re ready. It’s time!”