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A few highlights from the past 3 weeks at my new job:

  • Having fun getting to know the 3-4 ladies I work with the most and doing my best to stay neutral when each of them tells me stuff about one of the other ones.  They are friendly and have been great to me.
  • Trying to figure out what to do when one person trains you to do a task one way and then another trains you a little differently.  Do I do it all ways at once so that whoever is watching over me at the moment is satisfied with my work?  Good stretching exercise for my pea brain!
  • Getting tickled when patients walk up to the counter, tell me the doctor they came to see and then just look at me.  I look back and say, “and you are?”  Being psychic would help, either that or having a photographic memory for more than a few thousand patient names!
  • Realizing that a smile goes a long way in helping people feel welcome or better about their day.
  • Wishing there was so much more I could do for a patient besides smile when they’ve come in for a biopsy report or have been disfigured by surgery for cancer.
  • Trying to remember that many of the patients are not raising their voices at me because they’re angry, it’s because they’re hard of hearing.
  • Learning a big lesson today after making a mistake that upset one of the docs so much he dropped the “F” bomb in the back office.  Woops.
  • Making cookies tonight to take tomorrow to help make the back office a happier place.
  • Realizing there are so many people in the world who have very little people skills, even intelligent people.
  • Knowing now more than ever how important people skills are.  Taking time to learn them is time well-spent.
  • Also realizing there are many people in the world who care most about their preferences and being considerate of others isn’t always a priority.
  • Being so thankful to have already met a few other co-workers who are believers.
  • Being thankful for a job in which I can be with people and hopefully make a difference.
  • So extremely thankful for Friday afternoons off!