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That’s what a bumper sticker on the car in front of me this morning said.  My heart went out to whoever is thinking and/or wondering that.  Maybe it’s just to be funny but it also sounds like someone who wonders if they’re good enough to get God’s attention.  Is God picky?

If you read about Jesus in the Bible you can clearly see that as far as interacting with and accepting people Jesus was not picky.  In fact, according to some of the religious people of His day He wasn’t picky enough.

He mingled with, healed, talked with, shared meals and probably laughs with and hung out with all kinds of people – even those labeled by their communitiy as undesirable, corrupt or immoral.  He gave plenty of his time and healing attention to misfits, outcasts and cripples.

When He called the disciples to follow Him I’m sure He had reason for each one but He didn’t seem too particular, choosing mostly uneducated, working class “common” guys.

When it came to matters of the heart, however, Jesus was clear about what mattered to Him, more “picky.”  He preached a life of unselfish love, unprecedented surrender and devotion to God, reverence and respect for a holy heavenly Father.  Whenever He interacted with people their hearts were affected and changed.  He accepted the prostitute, tax collector and more but the message came through loud and clear: go in peace but sin no more.

God loves every single person.  He’s not picky about that because He made each one with His own hands.  Even though we are soiled with mistakes, hurt, anger, bad habits or worse He loves.  We have no idea really how much He loves us.  All of us.

He is picky about our choices though – whether or not we accept His Son and His gift of forgiveness.  He’s picky about His desire for His children to live in the way He sets before them.  The reason is because it’s for our good and the good of other people.

So, to that driver ahead of me this morning, I say God’s not picky when people come to Him for acceptance, adoption and love.  Come unafraid!  He loves each and every one.

When it comes to the way we live that new forgiven life He is more particular.

He is a holy God, after all.