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I love Qdoba.  It is one of my favorite places ever.  When I worked in Indiana there was a Qdoba just down the street and I frequented that place so often I made friends with all the workers there including the manager, Chino.  It was fun to go there and always tasty.

I have gone to Qdoba here in the town where we now live several times but this one almost caused me to stop going.  ~GASP~

The workers are in such a hurry to quickly make orders that they got my order wrong three visits in a row.  A few times they actually asked me what I wanted and then didn’t put it on my order or gave me something else.  Another time before I could even say what I wanted they scooped a certain type of salsa on and sent my food spinning on down the counter toward the register where I was to pay for it.  I didn’t even have a chance to say “wait a second, I don’t want that kind.”  The first time it happened I got tickled because they were moving so fast and thought to myself, “oh well.”  After that it was just plain frustrating.

It seems in their attempt to be efficient and fast they’re missing out on one important part of relating and communicating:  listening.  Last time I felt so strongly I almost spoke up and said “Slow down! You’re not listening to me!”

Have you ever been in a conversation like that?  Someone is thinking about how they’re going to respond to you and not really listening to what you’re saying or they’re doing something else while you’re talking and you feel like you’re invisible?  Or maybe someone keeps cutting you off and keeps talking so you never get a chance to slip a word in.  Have you ever been the one not listening?

I have to confess that I have before.  I tend to rush ahead in my mind and have to tell myself to slow down and think of the other person and not just myself. It’s not efficient, not effective, and can be downright aggravating and unkind to them.

I’ve even done it to God.  I’ve been so preoccupied with myself or what I’m dealing with or what I want that when I spend time with Him or try praying, it ends up being a very one-sided conversation (which actually isn’t a conversation I guess).  I can just imagine God saying “Slow down.  You’re not listening!”  I might be speeding off down a path or into a project that He never intended and then I wonder why things don’t go well.   I might be spewing frustrations and/or questions or needing direction but if I don’t stop talking and really pay attention to Him, listening intentionally and intently, I’ll just be a spewing, frustrated, lost, unhappy Mimi.

Stop.  Focus on the one talking to you.  Be quiet.  Pay attention.  Listen.