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There’s an old Audio Adrenaline song I love called “Jesus Movement” that’s about how in America we tend to think, even subconsciously, that we’ve got it goin’ on as far as following Jesus.  We’re the ones to take the lead from, we know what we’re doing.  I think it’s an American way of thinking that’s seeped into our spiritual lives and thoughts.  It’s easy to forget about the billions of other human beings on the planet when we can only see physically the home and town where we live.  Of course, with the Internet we can see much more and interact so much more easily with people all around the world.

For some reason I’m still ignorant when it comes to the number of people in other countries and on other continents who love Jesus just as much as I do and are doing their best, like I am, to live for Him and make Him known.

In the Audio Adrenaline song, the lyrics go like this:  (below the video)

Have you ever been so inclined
Yeah, is it on your mind
The thought we’re the Lord’s lone protegé
Well I thought we were the only hope
Yeah, the world’s safety rope
Americana has come, come to save the day
Imagine my surprise
To realize

Everywhere I go I can see
I’m not the only one
Moving, moving to Jesus

I went down to Mexico
Mi amigo
And I found Jesus living outside the USA
Imagine my surprise To realize… (chorus)

In fact, the Christian family is growing more rapidly in other countries than it is in America.  We could take our hints from them in many respects.

This week I saw two videos that moved me and reminded me of the enormity of God’s family.  One from Houston, TX and the other from Budapest, Hungary.  In each of these cities, a large church decided to step out into a public square and dance to a song that declares Jesus is Lord, showing the hope they have in Him.  The one in Hungary actually inspired the folks of SBC in Houston to try a similar project.  They are both contagiously joyful and moving.  In each one you can see people of all ages, all sizes, all types, and many colors dancing together because they all love Jesus.  There are “cool” and hip people, not so “hip” people, good dancers and not so great dancers, men, women, boys and girls.  Many of them are singing along with big smiles on their faces.

As John and I watched them yesterday I was moved to tears.  I know I cry easily sometimes but these tears were accompanied by a longing – to meet these people from Houston and Hungary and give them hugs, sit with them and pray, talk with them about the Savior we all know who spans all time, languages and cultures with the same forgiveness, mercy and sacrificial love that has changed all of our lives.

They are my brothers and sisters and I wanted to go there and be with them.  I have a huge family!  It hit like a wave washing over me as sat and watched.  What a celebration we’re going to have someday in heaven.  WE have such a small view of God, and of heaven, and of His ability to reach out to every person no matter where they are and draw them into his loving embrace.  At least I know I do.  I want Him to open my limited vision wide.

We are not the only ones.  There are MANY who claim Jesus is Lord and live for him.  They are all over the place.  We may not feel that way sometimes, especially in the USA, but it’s true.

There are MANY, everywhere we go…moving, and living, and praying to, and loving Jesus.