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In this life, I’ll never be able to comprehend how God can know each person on this earth intimately and be involved in each life.  He has plans for each and every one.  He hears every prayer.  He sees each heart, however full of light or darkened still in shadows.

How did He create the universe, which keeps spreading out and expanding into space? Where is the edge of that space? How does He create each and every person uniquely different from all others who live or have lived?

There are just some things beyond our human understanding.  A big part of believing in God and following Jesus is accepting the mystery of who He is.  I do believe with every one of my brain cells and all my heart that He is good.  He sees every one of us and He looks in love.

I work in a doctor’s office and encounter all sorts of people every day – from babies to the elderly, thriving or barely making it, happy or crabby, you name it.

The other day a very thin woman and her husband walked slowly and quietly to the check out desk after seeing the doctor.   I don’t know her diagnosis but everything about the way she appeared shouted she was weary and not well.  While her husband went to the restroom I scheduled her return visit.  She stood hunched over, leaning against the wall, her eyes sad.  She spoke in soft, low tones, breathing heavily as if just standing took all the energy she had at the moment.  I got the feeling she had been sick a long time.  From deep within me, I clearly heard God say, “Pray for her. With her. Right now.”

My heart started pounding and I was overcome with love for her and her supportive husband.  I admit, I didn’t actually pray right then and there out loud with them (and I have apologized to God for not fully obeying Him). But I did reach across the counter, gently squeeze her arm and look at her directly saying, “I can tell you don’t feel well at all and my heart goes out to you. I will pray for you tonight.”

She smiled weakly and they both said, “thank you.” And they left.

My eyes filled with tears.  It was if God allowed me to look at her the way He does, with intense compassion and love.  The strength of that love was overwhelming.  I longed to reach out, hug her, heal her, strengthen her.  Is that what God was feeling toward her?

How does He do it? How does He love and care about each of the vast array of unique souls living riight now?

I don’t know how, but I KNOW one thing with certainty: He looks in love.

Watch this: God’s eye is on those who respect him, the ones who are looking for his love. He’s ready to come to their rescue in bad times; in lean times he keeps body and soul together. We’re depending on God; he’s everything we need. What’s more, our hearts brim with joy since we’ve taken for our own his holy name. Love us, God, with all you’ve got-that’s what we’re depending on.

Psalm 33:18-22 MSG